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A picture is worth a
thousand words

KeyWatch is an easy-to-use image tool that
enables all of its users to view and upload
pictures taken in store.
It’s all about using images to Show, Inspire
and Find new spaces.



Show what an amazing job we’re doing in store, Show all the shop displays we do, Show how your competitors are working, Show how we can build premium displays.



Inspire colleagues to upload their own restructured displays, Inspire all of the company’s employees, Inspire colleagues by identifying new sales points.


Find new space

Show store managers how you would like to restructure displays, Show your customers using real-life examples, Show what your promotions look like in a real retail environment, Inspire colleagues to
find new sales areas.

"We use KeyWatch a lot here and it’s used both by the salespeople and by the marketing and sales organisation. It’s easy to set up and everything is in one place, making it user-friendly for the sales force. Being able to see each other’s pictures is a simple way of sharing experiences and providing inspiration. The tool provides a quick summary for those of us who look at the pictures and it’s easy to comment on the various pictures. Monitoring is very useful for us when we set targets of x number of pictures in various promotions, these can then be easily monitored.”

Torbjörn Rank.

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